What is Food Grade Alcohol?

Canada Sanigel hand sanitizer is made from food grade alcohol. Many hand sanitizers that DO NOT USE food grade alcohol are being recalled by Health Canada.

"Food grade alcohol" means ethyl alcohol that is safe for human consumption because of it's purity (ie lack of additives). Period. Food grade alcohol goes by many names in the industry, including "food grade ethanol", "nondenatured alcohol", "grain alcohol", or "190 proof grain", and "food grade EtOH", "Anhydrous Ethanol". Denatured alcohol is not food grade alcohol.

Why use food grade alcohol over denatured alcohol?

Food grade ethanol is a powerful natural human-safe solvent, useful for lots of food safe applications that may come in contact with people. For this reason, food grade ethanol is especially useful in the kitchen, the laboratory, and the workbench. Denatured alcohol contains toxic additives and is a lower quality alternative to nondenatured alcohol. Denatured alcohol cannot be substituted for nondenatured alcohol, but nondenatured can be substituted for denatured.

​The terms "Ethanol", "Ethyl Alcohol", and "Grain Alcohol" are commonly used interchangeably, and do mean the same thing: food safe alcohol.

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